The opportunity to have one-on-one reading instruction with Dr. Pomerantz has been invaluable for my child. She is kind and patient and has been able to give my struggling reader a real confidence boost. 4 months ago my child considered herself "bad at reading" which broke my heart because she loved books/stories from a very early age. Last week she proudly told me she thought she was a "good reader now," and we have seen her reading improve by leaps and bounds. Dr. Pomerantz was able to quickly identify what my child would find fun and engaging and incorporate it into each of their sessions. She loves working with her and her progress has been outstanding!
-Meredith Fitzsimmons

We found Francesca at the beginning of the pandemic and it was such a helpful stroke of luck! Our six year old was struggling to read in Kindergarten and with school closed for the rest of the year we were struggling to engage her in reading. Francesca began meeting with her 2x a week on Zoom to work on a reading program. Our daughter learned so much meeting with Francesca, motivated and cooperative even on very low motivation days. After reading stories in order to learn the right sounds, she plays a game with Francesca to reinforce the concepts. Francesca is incredibly patient, kind, gentle and engages her easily. Watching her teach helps us learn more effective teaching concepts as well, which was helpful in this age of at home learning. Our daughter is ready for first grade despite missing so much school this year. We are so grateful and recommend her to any family!!
-Lindsay Prichard

Dr. Pomerantz provided one-on-one reading sessions to my seven-year-old son and my son truly enjoyed his time with her. She was warm and responsive to my son, and he was always looking forward to seeing her. In each session, my son and Dr. Pomerantz chose a book from Epic!. She allowed my son to decide what to read and how to read, and it allowed him to have ownership of his own learning. When they read a book together, she would use questions to motivate him to read and assess his knowledge. While my son read a book out loud, she would carefully observe him and write down challenging words he could not understand/or read himself. After the reading, my son had an opportunity to review the new words he just learned and practice reading them. She utilized various mini activities such as word bingos, sentence building, searching for small words within larger words, creating a story to help him develop his early decoding, reading, and composition skills. She even shared a list of recommended books for my son.
I highly recommend this tutoring service!!!
-Youn Jung Huh